How I take my Photographs.

I've been asked a few times recently so if it's useful to anyone. 

Two cheap desk lamps with 30W (150W equivalent) Daylight 6400k Helix Compact Fluorescent bulbs. And my painting lamp with an 11W "Daylight" bulb. This is over the subject with the two desk lamps either side.

Nikon Coolpix 3200.
Tripod.  (Cheap mini/short thing.)
Set white balance with sheet of clean white paper. Remove white paper.  Add blue or blue/white gradient paper - prop up against my painting lamp.
Lights on. Leave until warmed up. Mini(s) positioned on paper
Camera set to Macro, EV +1
Take photos with timer.  Varying the distances between subject and lens.

Image onto PC
Photoshop Elements software. Crop - but don't resize - yet.
Quick Fix - Levels and Contrast.  Sometimes colour but only if required.  (Sometimes, actually, no fix.  If the photo looks good enough.)
Save for Web.
I avoid as much PS as possible.
Host on Photobucket and check to see how it will look through the web browser.