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I discovered figure painting by chance in the summer of 2004 and, soon afterwards joined the now defunct forum of the Jenova Project. And to the many excellent painters who at that time frequented the forum I owe a debt of gratitude for their help, advice and encouragement.

I painted my first figures in 2005  to see if I would enjoy it.  I did, so carried on.  Later, I created this website in order to display the photographs of my figures.

The first miniatures I painted - from a Games Workshop "starter" pack.

I am almost always happy with the finished figure and, it seems, so are many others so that examples of my painted figures appear in many web-based stores and galleries including Heresy, Mirliton, Pulp Figures, Hasslefree and others. 

I have also made it into print with my painting appearing in Contemptible Little Armies – Third Edition, The Triumph and Tragedy Colonial Supplement and in Kevin Dallimore’s Painting and Modelling Guide Master Class.

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